Sometimes all you want to do is thrash your fucking brains until they explode from your ears. In moments like that, you cannot go wrong with German thrash. Particularly the 80′s time period of German thrash. Kreator, Destruction, and Sodom typically get a lot of the attention when talking about this time frame, and rightfully so, but there are some other German thrashers that are worthy of your ears. That brings us to Deathrow.

Much like their previously mentioned contemporaries, Deathrow’s first album is a frenzied, frantic, barely clinging to the rails, full thrash metal assault. They may not be as violent as Kreator, or as raw as Sodom, but the intensity at which this band plays is mind-numbing. And those riffs? At that speed, maintaining the melody takes on a whole new level of ferocious.

Deathrow may not be as revered as other German thrashers, and that’s fair, but this debut album is fucking killer and a shining example of the sheer awesome velocity of that countries era of thrash metal.