I have a magnificent weakness for early American power metal. This stuff was so full of bravado, crushing riffs, and a little bit of insanity. It’s so infectious. Not that I don’t like the European stuff (because goddamn I do) but the earlier American stuff was just straight for the throat, before the Europeans added the Queen, classical, operatic and symphonic qualities to it.

That brings us to Jag Panzer, another band I’m ashamed to admit, I’ve only been aware of but never gave a fair shake. I should have given them that shake a long time ago consider that A; this album is fucking awesome, and B; they hail from my (relatively) close backyard of Colorado Springs, which I won’t hold against them.

So, yeah, this album fucking rules. It’s regarded as a classic of the genre, or at least the time period, and it’s easy to see why. It’s aggressive, ballsy, melodic, and incredibly catchy all at once. Like I said before, this is straight up, American power metal, no fucking around, just fucking killer.

It would take the band 10 years to make a follow up album, which is universally panned. After that, the original band members got back together and continued to release albums up until 2013, to good reviews. I may have to dig into this band some more. You should too because it’s fucking top-notch power metal. Do it!