I’m not sure how I stumbled upon this band or what caught my eye about them in the first place. Maybe it’s the connection to Sinmara? Regardless, this has been sitting in “to listen to” folder for a while so I figured today is the day to check it out.

Slidhr is a mostly (the drummer is from Sinmara) one-man black metal band from Ireland. I’m not sure what’s in the water over there but Irish black metal is a fucking bleak affair and Slidhr fits right in with that. What intrigues me about Slidhr is the combination of elements from Swedish black metal, particularly some of the melody and atmospherics, but also uses some elements of despair and bizarre noises that reminds me of the Greek black metal bands, in particular Rotting Christ. There’s also a hint of industrial inspiration, particularly in the vocals. Wrap that all up with some fierce riffing and you have a pretty interesting black metal album.