Spring has reared it’s ugly head here in Colorado and it couldn’t have come soon enough. I love the transitions between the seasons and going from winter to spring is one of the more refreshing and rejuvenating changes for me. To accompany the change, there’s metal. It always works. Tons of killer new stuff this week. The past couple weeks have been unrelenting with incredible new music. If you’re not hearing it, what the fuck? It’ll change your life.

NEW STUFF (Links in titles)

Ancst – Moloch
Crusted up, politically charged black metal. I have a compilation of their’s that I rather enjoyed but that was more on the crust side. This one ups the melodic elements and black metal parts to killer affect.

Nifrost – Motvind
This is a some killer, hyper pagan/viking themed folk black metal very similar in scope to bands like the great Windir. It’s familiar territory but it’s amazingly well done and infectious.

Desaster – The Oath of An Iron Ritual
Desaster has always been all over the place. Part of the fun of the band is the out of control feeling you get but their core sound has been blackened thrash. This new one finds them embracing speed metal and even some NWOBHM in some weird kind of homage or respectful embrace. The band can sometimes be a parody of metal itself but this new album is crushing fun in all the ways a Desaster album should be.

Death Fortress – Deathless March of the Unyielding
I totally dug this bands previous debut album so I was expecting a similar crushing experience from this follow up. They delivered. Death Fortress specializes in a dismal, chaotic, and furious black metal with great atmosphere. It’s not atmospheric in the way you would think of atmospheric black metal but more atmospheric in a sense of disparity or bleakness. Another excellent release from this band. I hope it nabs them some more attention because they’re fucking killer.

Uada – Devoid of Light
When we think of black metal from Oregon we tend to think of bands like Agalloch with there nature friendly, acoustic heavy, atmospheric take on the genre, but for those of us who like a bit more bite with our black metal, we now have Uada. Uada is like a more melodic or more introspective take on Mayhem. It’s fierce, emotional, unabashedly black metal with killer guitars and a killer vocalist that gets into depressive black metal territory with his range. The last song on the album is a stunner but the rest of the album is killer as well. Great new find, excellent new album.

Rebaelliun – The Hell’s Decrees
Sweet baby jesus is this one a fucking pummel-er. Rebaelliun existed with two albums and some ep’s from 1998 to 2001 and put out some insanely fast death metal. In 2016 the band is back with another scorcher. If you’re familiar with Krisiun you have a launching pad for this band. It’s hard not to draw comparisons between the two, especially in the guitar and vocal departments, but take Krisiun and up the speed and technicality by ten times and you have Rebaelliun. I still prefer Krisiun’s more plodding and finely honed take on Brazilian death metal, but fellow countrymen Rebaelliun are good for that thick, crunchy death metal blast to the face. Fucking killer.

Palace of Worms – The Ladder
This is a new band for me. I probably found them through a preview on a website. Regardless, Palace of Worms is a progressive melting pot of black metal aesthetics. It’s got a lot of newer(ish) black metal tropes holding hands with the ethos of of the second wave. It’s an interesting mix and I found it rather captivating. May have to check out more from this band.

Uprising – Uprising  
It seems this one came out of nowhere. Surprising considering it’s the side project from Waldgeflusters central figure, Winterherz. With that in mind, there are some small similarities between the two bands but Uprising eschews the folk and nature oriented black metal that Waldgefluster does so well in favor of melody ladened, crushing, furious black metal. And oh those fucking riffs. So powerful and dramatic, going from one awesome moment to the next. I’m not surprised this is fucking awesome, I surprised this isn’t blowing up. Fucking phenomenal.


Waldgefluster & Panopticon Split
Sindrome – Resurrection: The Complete Collection
Krigsgrav – Waves of Degradation
Immortal – Sons of Northern Darkness
Savatage – Hall of the Mountain King
Sodom – Agent Orange
Firewind – Between Heaven and Hell

Until next time…