I had a need to listen to some straight up, epic power metal, so Firewind it is.

Now here’s the thing about Firewind… They aren’t the best power metal band in the world, but they have the formula down to a mighty “T.” The lyrics are epic, the guitar is sweeping, and the whole performance is catchy, melodic and grand. All things that make for a good power metal band.

And that’s the thing I love about power metal. It’s a genre that is self-aware and is not looking to push boundaries or redefine itself. It embraces its cheesy qualities and just delivers on those goods. Now some bands do it better than others and have their own distinct twist on the established, and those bands are rare, but there is a decent mass of bands that just rock out in the genre and do power metal proud. Firewind is one such band.

It’s no Blind Guardian or Lost Horizon but if you want rock solid power metal, give these guys a shot. They’ll fill the quota to be sure.