I felt like some classic German thrash today so here’s some fucking Sodom. Now, as much as I love the old German thrash bands (Kreator and Destruction) I’ve never really delved to much into Sodom. I have their first album which is killer but I’ve never really explored their discography. I know, it’s weird how my listening habits go. I didn’t get into extreme metal until my late 20s so during my ravenous consumption of metal sometimes things slip through. Sodom is one of them.

I’ve long known that Agent Orange is considered one of their finest moments and some even consider it one of the greatest thrash albums of all time. There’s no denying that Agent Orange is a fucking stunner. It’s German thrash-tastic and full of all the insane, frenzied, off the rails playing that makes those earlier bands and albums so interesting.

What I find most compelling about Sodom (and the same could arguably be said about early Kreator) is that it’s almost speed/early black metal. Sodom doesn’t often get lumped in with the originators of black metal but I think there’s definitely and influence coming from them, at least in the second wave. The raspy vocals, the insanely raspy and evil vocals, the violent and dark subject matter. This band must have been a revelation in the 80′s.

What else is there to say? It’s fucking Sodom and this album fucking rules.