Savatage. Another longstanding American band that I’ve only been aware of by name. I researched what was the general consensus on they bands best album and landed on Hall of the Mountain King and after reading that title immediately wondered why I hadn’t given this band a shot before. I mean, it’s got an epic title, killer cover art and it’s firmly in that 80′s American classic/power metal vein I enjoy so much.

Now, it’s not as rough as some of the earlier American power metal that I really enjoy, (it has its moments, however) but it’s got the gusto, the imagery, and the speed. Not to mention the vocal and guitar performance on this album is out of this world. They almost eclipse the rhythm section, which is doing a bang up job holding it together in the back.

The band has no problem getting that grandiose, power metal feeling down as well as balancing more 80′s, cheese-tastic, pop metal songs which I’m sure they were trying to get on the radio, but you expect a bit of cheese with your 80′s power metal, or any power metal for that metal.

Regardless, the album is fucking killer fun. I’ve read that Savatage was a big influence, if not musically, but visibly for the Florida metal scene and we all know what spawned from there, so if you want to hear some killer 80′s power metal, this is a band to go with.