Sindrome was an Illinois based thrash band that existed for all of two demos. However, between these two demos the band produced some excellent thrash/borderline death. This isn’t your typical bay area sounding thrash. There’s more of a gruff exterior to the music. It reminds me Kreator mixed with Deceased. Their first demo is pretty straight forward, killer thrash but the second is a concept demo. Yup, you heard right. Who makes a concept demo? Sindrome does. The concept follows a man who has apocalyptic visions but wants to dismiss them but they won’t stop coming. Sounds thrashtastic to me.

On this demo they keep the rougher edge but go more thrash with the stylings/solos and rhythms. There’s also a great leap in production quality and technicality. I’m sure the rapid fire, technical infused chaos is meant to invoke the same sense of impending doom and apocalyptic craziness the main character is feeling. This album has more of a Testament, Heathen style of thrash to it and for a demo, it’s fucking amazing. This demo just thrashes the fuck out and accomplish more than most thrash bands do with more.

It’s a killer little blip on the the thrash radar and a damn shame it’s been overlooked for so long.