The great Absu is coming to my town (Denver) in a few weeks and I’m pretty fucking pumped to see them for the first time. Absu has been carrying the torch for American black metal for almost as long as the Scandinavians and thusly has garnered a legendary cult status, and with good reason. Absu fucking rule. They write epic, fantasy filled, black thrash, monster albums and they’re consistent as hell. Any time Absu releases something new it’s worth checking out and you know it’ll be pretty killer.

A lot of the praise heaped on Absu comes mostly from their monumental, and intensely fast album Tara or their sweepingly epic album The Sun of Tiphareth but wedged in-between the two is The Third Storm of Cythraul, an equally as killer album that seems to be overlooked when Absu is talked about.

To me this seems like the stepping stone between Tiphareth and Tara. The band focuses more on the thrash element of their sound while keeping a bit of the war-like marching epic-ness from Tiphareth. Still focusing on the fantasy elements, Absu tear through this one with amazing speed harkening back to the early days of thrash where the line was blurred between thrash and speed metal, but Absu encase it all in a thick black metal layer. Simply put, it’s fucking amazing.

There’s a lot of these blackened thrash bands around nowadays and it’s hard to say where that all started. I’m not comfortable enough to say Absu started it but they certainly have a perfected take on it. If you’re new to Absu, get any one of their fucking albums, but do it now.