In 1995, England wasn’t exactly known as the hot bed of black metal. That title was being claimed by their Scandinavian neighbors, but alas some black metal came from the UK and with the passing of time, these relics are starting to make themselves known.

This band is new to me, shared by my buddy, and it fits exactly what this blog is about: older, obscure and overlooked. There’s a million reasons why bands go overlooked at their time and it could be something like the label they were on, or not on, popularity swarming around Scandinavia or that Thus Defiled is mixing death and black metal, thus not “true” black metal, something at the time that might be a negative. Whatever the reason, this album fucking crushes. It’s got the chilly, grim filled atmosphere of those  second wave black metal bands but with some gnarly death metal vocals and breakdowns. The production is raw, not uncommon for the time, but not unlistenable. There’s a slight melodic element going on, particularly evident in the title song. It stomps by at barely over half an hour and is captivating the whole time through.

Another killer lost gem of a metal record. Check this one out for another perspective of that time period.