My buddy Ben and metal guru, who always knows just what I’ll like, will occasionally drop me a bunch of music and bands I’ve never heard ,and like I hinted at before, it’s always fucking killer. This Monday morning I was pleased to see I had a handful of albums waiting for me to dive into. I landed on Silencer to explore first. Now as I do with every new band I listen to, I put on the album then do some brief research on the band to see what their all about, who is or was in the band, when they were active, etc. Well with Silencer I stepped into a storm of insanity.

I was halfway through the album before I started looking any info up on it. Mostly because the vocal performance is bizarre and in your face, I wanted to know who was behind these torturous wails, and that’s where it gets weird.

There’s all sorts of wild rumors circulating about vocalist Nattramn. The two most prominent are that he’s replaced his hands with pigs feet and that he attacked a 6 year old girl with an axe on a playground and was committed as a result. You only get this sort of insanity from black metal. From what I could find, none of this is true but it lends to the atmosphere and reception of this album, which is fucking bonkers on it’s own.

It’s depressive black metal to be sure, a genre that’s either loved or hated. I particularly enjoy depressive black metal. You’ve typically find adventurous vocals, and beautiful, melodic heavy, music in the genre. It’s also a pain-filled, torturous, self-loathing, and extremely dismal form of black metal and Silencer are no exception to that. I personally enjoy the insane vocals and really, I can’t adequately describe them in words, it’s something you have to hear. I know that’s a copout but truly, they are bizarre.

Despite the rumors and the divisive vocals, I found this album to be pretty spectacular. It may not be for everyone but such is life.