Winter decided it was time to dump all the snow it was holding on to all at once this week and reminded us we are completely under it’s control. It shortened the work week by one day but the metal takes no breaks. March has slowed down a bit on the new releases but the quality is not lacking.

NEW STUFF: (Links in titles)

Woman is the Earth – Torch of Our Final Night
I was blown away by this bands 2014 release, Depths, and this one may be even better. Beautiful, mesmerizing passages of incredible black metal. I can’t recommend this band enough. Just get on it.

Blood Ceremony – Lord of Misrule
I found myself digging a lot of this 70’s occult rock/doom throwback bands a couple years ago when they were dominating the metal scene with their “vest” rock and I still think Blood Ceremony is one of the better bands to stick around, I’ve just sort of lost interest in the sound. It’s not that their a bad band, they just don’t captivate my attention anymore. Can’t win em all.

Amon Amarth – Jomsviking
Well, it’s definitely Amon Amarth. If you like their melodic viking infused death metal than you’ll probably like this one. Amon Amarth is good at being Amon Amarth and giving their fans what they want. For me, they haven’t really excited me since Twilight of the Thundergods and that’s really the only album I need from them.

Artillery – Penalty By Perception
Artillery’s last album left me a bit cold. They took their awesome thrash sound and tried to go in a power metal, sort of style and ended up with a more rock ’n’ roll or even cock rock sound. It was kind of weak. On the new album they’re still exploring this power metal sound a bit but the thrash is back and in the forefront. It’s not as nasty or ripping as older albums but they’ve found a good balance between the two styles.

Ragehammer – The Hammer Doctrine
Well this is a fucking fist to the face. Ragehammer unrelentingly blasts everything to smithereens in the wake of their blackened thrash/speed metal assault. Not only is it a sonic assault but the songs are catchy and infectious as fuck. Probably doesn’t hurt that it was mixed and mastered by M. of Mgla at their No Solace studios. Poland for the win, again.

Morbid Saint – Destruction System
Morbid Saint’s first album is an under-appreciated thrash masterpiece. It seems they followed up with demo two years later but it was never officially released… until now. I guess this makes it technically their second album and the remastered sound makes it sound more than a demo so I’m counting it. Of course, it’s fucking awesome. Rip roaring, nasty, intense thrash at it’s finest. Maybe not as good as Spectrum of Death but a damn fine album indeed.

Metal Church – XI
I recently just got into Metal Church so it’s fortuitous that they have a new album out. As I only have one of their older albums I’m not sure how this fits in to their legacy but it’s a solid, classic metal styled thrash album. It may be a bit long but it delivers solidly throughout.


Torchbearer – Warnaments
Dark Angel – Time Does Not Heal
Petrychor – Apocalyptic Witchcraft
Fates Warning – Awaken the Guardian
Hexenhaus – Dejavoodoo
Sviatibor – Le Havre Du Seigneur Céleste (Haven Of The Celestial God)

Until Next Time…