Here we go again with a band that has classic status that I’ve never really listened to. Funny how most of these seem to be thrash bands, but I digress…

Dark Angel is a band (like I’ve said before) I’ve always been aware of but never actually listened to. My buddy suggested I give this album a shot because it “kicks his ass in the same way Cyclone Temples does,” which is high praise considering that Cyclone Temple album is all but fucking amazing and may be, in my opinion, one of the finest works of music to come out of thrash. Time Does Not Heal definitely has that “matured” thrash sound that Cyclone has going on. Thrash that just isn’t insanely fast riffing party music but has some thought put behind it and it’s construction. On the music front, it’s fucking awesome. It doesn’t hit me the same way as Cyclone but that doesn’t mean there’s anything wrong with it. It’s a killer thrash record. I’m a sucker for this sort of complex, more aged, thrash and it’s a rare thing to find. Heathen is a good example. The vocals are a bit off to me and they’re kind of distracting so I just focussed on the music for the most part and that shit is amazing.

This is Dark Angel’s last album so we’ll never know if this sound was going somewhere or if they just let loose for their swan song. I can’t comment on their sound before this album but if you like thrash and are looking for a little more from the genre, check this one out.