Upon being recommended I check out Forefather’s 2015 album Curse of the Cwelled and discovering it was fucking awesome, I meant to go back and check out more albums from these guys. I found a rather daunting back catalog and put if off until recently I discovered their earlier albums were being remastered and rereleased so I took the opportunity to snag their first album and dive in to more Forefather.

And, like so often with new bands to me, I found it to be fucking killer. Now, if you’re not familiar with Forefather, they’re a UK based epic, battle ready, black metal band paying homage to anglo saxon and viking history. Not a new concept, may not even in 1999, but where as this is the topic of so much gimmickry, Forefather fucking crush it. It feels naturally woven into the fabric of their sound and imagery and it’s never over praised, overused or made a spectacle of. I like that sort of approach and I know it’s a fine line to balance with this sort of imagery and I do like some of the cheesier bands that play with it but Forefather don’t strike me as cheesy, at all.

The riffs are solid as fuck, the music is epic in all the ways this music should be and there’s no filler whatsoever, something that’s seemingly hard to do with bands of this nature. It’s just a kick as, battle ready black metal album with some cool themes, atmospherics, and sound. Check these guys out.