Let’s get our 80′s metal cheesiness on!

Doro, the lead singer of Warlock, and later her solo band, Doro, has been a name and presence I’ve been familiar with for a while now. Her presence is almost that of legendary status and she’s still working her ass off making music, so you see her around a lot. I’ve never really delved into her music before so I’ve decided it was time.

And it’s cheeseball, metal glory in all the ways that could only happen in the 80′s.

The music itself is typical 80′s, classic metal style. It’s guitar heavy, solo crazy, lighter metal made to serve Doro’s vocals, and while this is not Doro’s solo band, she steals the show. She has the snarl and the bombastic voice which works well in the metal power anthems and the ballads (this is the 80′s, of course there’s a ballad). The album is completed with the awesomely so bad it’s good painted album cover that if it’s not adorning the side of a van somewhere, what are we fucking doing on this planet?

Warlock is the whole 80′s metal package. I don’t even have to see a picture of the band, I can picture it now. Big hair, leather vests, tight pants. Their music should have been in an 80′s horror movie if it wasn’t. It’s like a fucking time machine. It’s awesome.