We’re going to try something a little different today.

Turbonegro. Not a metal band.

The Norwegian Turbonegro has been around (unbeknownst to me) for over 25 years, kicking their punked up, glam infused, balls to the wall style of rock ‘n’ roll all over the place. They remind me of fellow Norwegian band Audrey Horne, though given Turbonegro’s history it’s more likely Audrey Horne reminds me of Turbonegro as I’m sure they are an influence. Where Horne is more traditional good times hard rock, Turbonegro are much more planted in punk and good times rock. They’re songs are extremely catchy, extremely fun, but still maintain that dirty rock ‘n’ edge that is all but fucking extinct over here in the states.

I wish this was the kind of mainstream rock music people went crazy for in America. It could easily be played on the radio but still give you a kick in the teeth. The closest thing we have to a rock band anymore is the fucking Foo Fighters and they fucking suck. Yeah, I dared to say it. Granted my radar doesn’t point towards mainstream music very often but man, if it had any fucking force like this album, maybe I would.

Yeah, not metal, but some damn good rock music. Damn good.