Despite my complete emersion into metal there are bands that might be well known or highly regarded that I’ve just not really explored or listened to. I think Exciter fits that bill.  They’re a band I’ve been away of forever but never sat down to check out, much like the Metal Church post.

Exciter are a Canadian speed metal band. There’s some discussion as to whether or not Exciter actually invented speed metal or not. I’m not sure where I stand on that but by the time thrash came rolling around it seems that speed bands either went thrash or power metal, depending on the geographical location. Regardless, this album fucking shreds. This may be a perfect example of classic speed metal. It’s not quite thrash yet but it’s definitely got the force. There’s still some left over classic or NWOBHM grooves in there which I think is what makes it stand out more but it is unrelentingly speed-tastic, in a way only 80′s Canadian metal bands were. Give this one a go for some classic metal awesomeness.