I’m a pretty big Marduk fan. Particularly their first four albums. I think those are some of the best black (and death) metal albums from the time and still to this day. Their last two albums were pretty good as well, though they’re hardly the same band as they were on those early records.

As much of a fan as I am, I’ve sort of skipped over their middle period. The current incarnation of Marduk started in 2004 with Plague Angel when the band welcomed Mortuus as their third singer. Mortuus is an underrated black metal singer and he adds a level of darkness the band hadn’t really approached since their earlier work and that shift from the gothic macabre to the battle ready, blasting war march that was Panzer Division Marduk. That intensity is still there but with the darker, more theatrical tones and themes of the earlier work.

Overall, this is a killer Marduk album. It’s dark, foreboding, and furious. If you’re already a fan of Marduk and haven’t heard this one, you probably should. If you’re new to Marduk, pick up Opus Nocturne, Those of the Unlight, or Heaven Shall Burn… When We Are Gathered