Much like fellow German countrymen Helloween and Blind Guardian, Angel Dust started their career more in the speed metal zone. It seems to me that speed metal can easily transfer into power metal. Angel Dust, however, doesn’t seem to get brought up often in the same breath as Helloween of Blind Guardian. Granted, they are not as good, in my humble opinion, but their still pretty fucking awesome.

This is their second album and as mentioned before, it’s more speed metal than power metal, a genre they would fully embrace on later albums. Besides speed metal, Angel Dust’s earlier sound dabbled more in thrash, more so than their contemporaries. Moments of this album sound almost Bay Area in it’s approach, which is odd for a German band as Germany at this point was already exploding with it’s own take on thrash.

If you’re a fan of the early German power metal bands, this one should be right up your alley. If not, you should check these bands out and get lost in the fray.