Ah… the last week of February. Spring is just around the corner and the new metal releases are starting to heat up. Not that 2016 has been lacking in that department but February was a bit slower. Regardless, this week held some nice surprises from a bunch of bands that are new to me and one from a band I hold very dear. So let’s get on with it!

NEW STUFF (Link in titles) 

Suspiral – Delve Into the Mysteries of Transcendence
This Spanish duo are going for head destruction with their first full-length. This is some dissonant, frenetic, pounding, blackened death metal. With only three songs and clocking in at barely over thirty minutes, this one will leave you reeling. Awesome album.

Temisto – Temisto
Killer new death metal that is stepping in the old classic Swedish style but is not beholden to it. Furious and technical, this is a stunning release of death metal that is looking towards something new with a presence of history. Dig it.

Ripper – Experiment of Existence
What an appropriate name for this Chilean band. Killer death/thrash that just fucking blazes for 45 minutes. Excellent.

Wisdom – Rise of the Wise
When I’m listening to new power metal I’m usually in the mindset of “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” The genre isn’t known for progression so I just want to hear killer, rocking power metal even if it is not pushing boundaries. Enter Wisdom, who clearly take this philosophy to heart. While they are playing within the boundaries, utilizing all the genre tropes, they’ve mixed so many other styles that instead of being sporadic and not cohesive, they’ve forged their own sound within those limitations, and it’s  fucking killer. Hail Power Metal!

Dawnbringer – XX EP
I’m a big fan of Dawnbringer, particularly band member Chris Black and his various projects (High Spirits and Pharoah fucking rule) so when they quietly released this new EP I was surprised and rushed to hear it. If you’ve heard Dawnbringer you know what your in for, a more classic approach to metal but more modern in approach in style. Not quite doom or sludge, but not black or death either. It’s just awesome music, played well and with an style all their own. Killer EP.


Skyforger – Latviešu strēlnieki
Satan – Court in the Act
SkyForger – Semigalls’ Warchant
Motorhead – Bad Magic
Nagelfar – Hünengrab Im Herbst
Rotting Christ – Rituals
Widower – The Unholy Oath
Stargazer – The Scream That Tore the Sky
Bal-Sagoth – Battle Magic
Gorguts – Colored Sands
Sortilège – Métamorphose
Nagelfar – Virus West
Darkthrone – A Blaze in the Northern Sky

Until Next Time…