I’m a huge fan am the incredible The Ruins of Beverast. I think Ruins has made not only some of the best black metal ever, but some of the best music ever. It’s a band that I should probably feature on here. What’s Ruins have to do with Nagelfar, you say? Well Nagelfar is where Ruins got started.

Alexander von Meilenwald started on drums for Nagelfar before the band dissolved and Ruins became his main focus. However, Nagelfar is not just a stepping stone to an amazing band, they are fucking amazing as well. I discovered Ruins first then went back to Nagelfar and had only listened to their second album, Srontgorrth (Die Macht erfaßte das Meine wie die Angst das Blut der Anderen) until my buddy shared with me their other albums. This review is for their first album.

Hünengrab is, in a word, or two, fucking epic. It’s intensity is crushing as it plods through hate-filled black metal pausing occasionally to slow down into melancholic, melodic, emotional moments of sheer beauty. They have the mechanical precision of other fellow German black metal bands as well as the sweeping, grand nature of Scandinavian black metal and it all swirls together into something that is uniquely Nagelfar.

This album is a work of art. If you’re a fan of black metal and have not listened to Nagelfar OR The Ruins of Beverast you need to correct that right, fucking, now.