Satan were a NWOBHM band that existed for two albums in the 80′s (this being their first release) who then just sort of disappeared until their triumphant return in 2013, then followed up on that with their killer 2015 release.

The question that arises with Satan is why aren’t they more revered. They’re getting a solid cult following now that they’ve returned to show us all how kick ass they were and are but now in 2016, we’ve heard it all. Back in 1983 when this album was released, this genre was not fully explored. Court, while being firmly in the NWOBHM style, was pushing the extremity of that genre to the point of it almost being thrash. Considering that Kill Em All and Show No Mercy came out that year, two albums that were highly informed by NWOBHM, and thrash still hadn’t found it’s place, it’s easy to see Satan on the cutting edge of the time, and the album shows it. It’s a fucking classic of aggressive yet classic NWOBHM, with more bite, more edge and more fire than most of the heralded stalwarts of the genre. What history remembers and forgets is a weird phenomonan but thankfully Satan are still around to remind us.

On a side note, Blind Guardian do an amazing cover of the song “Trial by Fire.”