I think this may be the first time on this blog where I’ve done a second post about a band. I think it’s fitting that it’s Crimson Glory.

I reviewed Crimson Glory’s, self-titled first album last April and I fucking loved it and all it’s early power metal glory. Transcendence is their follow up and it’s fucking amazing as well.

The first thing I noticed is the production has been upped and sounds incredible. Probably not a surprise since it was recorded at the Florida death metal meca, Morrisound, which seems can work it’s magic on power metal as well.

This album also takes the band to a more mystical place, with the compositions become much more epic and orchestral in nature with more ballads or ballad-ish parts showing up. They seem to be shedding their NWOBHM influences for a more progress approach. The music is still fucking killer and heavy in that 80′s power metal way. Not as power metal as say Helloween was at this time, but uniquely American for the time, which is more subdued.  It’s pushing into cheese here and there (especially the music video for “Lonely”) but they’re so fucking righteous I don’t even care.

This band is fucking amazing and coupled with their first album, you have two bonafide metal classics on your hands.