I haven’t featured much Italian metal on here. Not for the countries lack of output, probably more for my lack of trying. Let’s remedy that with some Forgotten Tomb.

I love this bands 2003 release Springtime Depression and gave their 2015 album Hurt Yourself and the Ones You Love but found it to be less than stellar so I decided to go back and try more from the time of Depression. Based on those titles and the featured albums title, you can probably guess we’re not in for a happy ride. Forgotten Tomb (used to) play a wholly bleak, morbid and depressing form of black metal. Later they would go on to transition that into more of a gothic metal style and in the process losing it’s unique vision. Love’s Burial Ground is a dismal album, not giving you an inch and just surrounding you in an atmosphere of hopelessness. It’s beautiful in it’s bleak outlook with it’s orchestral composition further escalating that feeling.

Some people find comfort in tacky, Hallmark style messages of hope and love. Some of us care not for such saccharine feelings and find comfort in the darkness. Nothingness can be liberating. Take it from Forgotten Tomb.