Decameron seem to be a weird footnote in the Swedish extreme metal history book. By 1992, when Decameron’s demo was released, Sweden had already started to establish their death metal scene with numerous classic bands already being formed and releasing material. Dissection was still one year away from releasing their phenomenal first album and blowing the thing wide open. Decameron a firmly in that Dissection style of melodic infused death metal with black metal leanings.

Then four years later Decameron finally released a full-length. Four years may not seem like much now but at that time, in Sweden, it was almost a light year as the scene had already blossomed and was starting to break apart. A good majority of the classic albums had already been released. Maybe that’s why Decameron aren’t more widely known, which is a shame because this album is a monster of Swedish death metal.

It’s melodic as fuck, intricate and technical while still being heavy as hell and crushing. It’s slightly folky in parts, a bit experimental in others but amazing through and through. Check this one out to fill in your obscure Swedish metal catalog. If you don’t have one of those, start one.