This week was a bit slow for new releases. There were only three on my list this week and one that I’m pretty sure came out late 2015 but I’m counting it anyway. I spent most of the week stuck in a Running Wild rut and complimenting that with some of my favorite Swedish metal albums. February has given us some killer stuff and there’s still a couple left I’m anticipating but March looks like where it’s at. So let’s do this…

NEW STUFF: (Links in titles)

Abysmal Grief – Strange Rites of Evil
My buddy told me this one was killer and described it as the love child of Type O Negative and Candlemass. He’s not off in that description but it’s the love child that was abandoned in some dreary castle somewhere and grew up nasty. Occult doom, with killer guitar, nasty singing and a layer of dread an evil so thick, it’s oppressive. This is pretty rad.

Holy Grail – Times of Pride and Peril
Holy Grail have always sort of straddled the fence between power metal and thrash. On this one they seem to move further from thrash and take a more classic metal approach with some power influence. Like a slightly heavier Audrey Horne. It’s a fun jam, if nothing else.

Omnium Gatherum – Grey Heavens
I’ve said it before that I pretty much consider Omnium Gatherum and Insomnium the same band but I find there ethereal, uplifting, melodic death metal highly captivating. They usually bring all the killer riffs, keyboard support melodic passages and catchy songs so I’ve got no complaints about this one.


Wolves in the Throne Room – Diadem of 12 Stars
Chuck Ragan – The Flame in the Flood
Running Wild – Port Royal
Al-Namrood – Diaji Al Joor
Batushka – Litourgiya
Noctes – Pandemonic Requiem
Zgard – Totem
Running Wild – Masquerade
Sig: Ar: Tyr – Godsaga
Running Wild – Branded And Exiled
Fin – The Furrows of Tradition
The Wakedead Gathering – Tenements of Ephemera
Cross Vault – The All-Consuming
Cross Vault – Spectres of Revocable Loss
Desultory – Bitterness
Centinex – Reflections
The Moaning – Blood From Stone
A Canorous Quintet – Silence of the World Beyond
Svalbard – One Day All This Will End
Convulse – World Without Grief
Sacrilege – The Fifth Season
Ceremonial Oath – The Book of Truth
Gorement – The Ending Quest

Until Next Time…