I must confess I’m not as versed in Finnish death metal as I am other countries. Finnish black metal? Sure. All fucking day long. Not that I have anything against Finnish death metal, I guess a lot just doesn’t cross my ears.

Anyhow, Convulse. This album fucking kills it. The amount of intensity on this album is fucking phenomenal and to think this came out in 1991 right as death metal was starting to explode. It could be my lack of Finnish death metal knowledge but I’m surprised this one isn’t considered a classic. Considering all the other prominent death metal albums of the time, this one is just as devastating. Again, maybe it is and I’m just new to this band, but if you’re looking for some killer, straight up punishing death metal, this album should tie you over.

I should note that I’m listening to the 2010 remastered version and I’m not sure how the original release sounds, but this one is nice and clear with a hefty crunch. They have a new album coming out which I may check out but I can’t comment on whether or not their sound has changed over the years like fellow countrymen Amorphis or Sentenced, who also started out with some killer death metal albums.