Guess what time it is? Sweden time! That’s right, the country has no end to it’s treasures. This time it comes in the form of Desultory.

Desultory were part of the earlier Swedish death metal crowd, falling firmly in place with greats like Dismember and Entombed. They have that classic Swedish death metal sound and style and this is a pummel-er of a fucking record. With Desultory you can hear elements of what would become the melodic death metal craze that Sweden birthed a few years later. Desultory was experimenting with melodic guitar passages and a kind of “death ‘n’ roll” sound (Entombed weren’t the only ones) as well as playing solid as fuck death metal. I guess the band would go through an even more experimental phase, implode and latter reform, but this, their second album, is fucking awesome. It’s killing it with all the rest of these classic bands and proving that most of these new homage bands can’t hold a candle to the originals.