Oh Sweden. You’re always giving.

Witchery is like the heavy metal equivalent of a campy horror movie. It’s not a masterpiece by any stretch of the imagination but it gives you exactly what you want. Take the cover for example: It’s a skeleton coming out of it’s grave under a purple moon filled sky. You know what you’re in for with this one right off the bat and it’s horror themed, blackened/thrash, and it’s fucking killer.

Considering the band sort of rose from the ashes of the awesome Seance and contains members that have done stints in bands like Arch Enemy, Mercyful fucking Fate, Bloodbath, Opeth, and Hypocrisy (to name a few) I would have expected no less than a shredder of a fucking album.

This one hits all the right spots. Good fun, awesome riffs, and killer songs.