This is going to have to be a quick one. Kind of a light week for new releases. Jammed a lot of older stuff this week. Metal.

NEW STUFF: (Links in Titles)

Conan – Revengeance
I’ve been reading all the buzz about Conan it’s finally convinced me to check these guys out. I’m not sure why a band named Conan didn’t peak my interest earlier but oh well. Conan play some heavy, fuzzy, gritty doom/stoner doom. I’ve heard it labeled as battle doom or barbarian doom and I think that’s fitting. It’s very plodding and war like and fits with the idea of Conan and barbarism fairly well, I just wish it was more captivating. It’s an ok album, solid at best.

Ketzer – Starless  
I was fairly interested in hearing this new Ketzer album. Their past couple are legit scorchers. When I saw they were signing to Metal Blade I started to have my doubts but hey, Metal Blade has produced some quality. Gone is the cool, evil imagery, the killer black/thrash, to be replaced with an aggressive “black n’ roll” style. Which would be fine if it was captivating or at least interesting.It’s not a complete wash as there’s a couple good moments but damn, what a shame.

Baphomet’s Blood – In Satan We Trust
Italy’s Baphomet’s Blood has some much metal in them it’s almost ridiculous. These speed/thrashers know how to craft the perfect, head-banging, metal party album:Awesomely catchy riffs and songs with a focus on Satan, metal and alcohol. What’s left the say?

Nachtzeit – Där Föddes En Längtan
This is a nice little EP from this Swedish band. Nordvis puts out some awesome bands and Nachtzeit’s straightforward, melodic black metal is a good fit for the label.


Celtic Frost – Morbid Tales/Emperor’s Return
Borknagar – Quintessence
Krisiun – Conquerors of Armageddon
Chthe’ilist – Le Dernier Crépuscule
Naðra – Allir Vegir Til Glötunar
Dimmu Borgir – Stormblast
Thulcandra – Under a Frozen Sun
Sacramentum – Far Away From the Sun
Vinterland – Welcome My Last Chapter
Edge of Sanity – Infernal
Witherscape – The Inheritance
Dawn – Nær Solen Gar Nifler For Evogher
Forgotten Tomb – Springtime Depression
Wintersun – Wintersun
Heavy Load – Stronger Than Evil
Falkenbach – Asa
Marduk – Those of the Unlight
Vektor – Outer Isolation
Lamented Souls – The Origins of Misery
Gorgoroth – Quantos Possunt ad Satanitatem Trahunt
Running Wild – Death or Glory

Until Next Time…