Riding on a high cloud from the newly released Borknagar album, my buddy suggested I check out Borknagar vocalist’s (and multi-musician, formerly of Dimmu Borgir and currently Arcturus) lesser known band Lamented Souls. Admittedly, being a fan of the mans work, I hadn’t heard of this band, and that’s surprising to me as the band has some stellar musicians that have or are currently doing duty in bands like Aura Noir, Cadaver Inc., Dødheimsgard, Immortal, Virus, and Ved Buens Ende. With a line up like that, it’s any guess as to what kind of music they’ll make. What they landed on is a mishmash of various heavy sounds mostly revolving around classic and euro-styled doom. I’m not 100% comfortable labeling it doom though as it’s a bit experimental, maybe even slightly psychedelic at times. Sure those aspects can be in doom, but there’s more of a rock n’ roll swagger to the album as well. Whatever it is, it’s pretty fucking killer and maybe criminal that it’s not better well known or more frequently cited. Could be that this album I’m reviewing is actually a compilation of two EPs and a single, the only actual releases from the band in the early/mid nineties. This compilation wasn’t released until 2004, but well after all said bands were established and well regarded. Who knows how the way the metal world works. Lucky for you it’s here now for you to enjoy.