I’ve written a lot about Sweden and their impact on extreme metal. Their contributions from the early nighties are what one tends to think of first but what about early eighties traditional/power metal? Sweden had a blustering metal scene in the 80′s as well, which I’m certain paved the way for the bands that would dominate in the 90′s and Heavy Load is one of those early bands.

Heavy Load are not quite NWOBHM in sound, nor are they all the way power metal, though they do have some of those early power metal tropes (especially in the guitar and lyrics). To my ears they sound more like a more subdued version of early Mercyful Fate, with a more fantasy based lyrical theme. What strikes me most about this band is that I’ve heard at least a dozen, if not more, current bands that sound exactly like this or have borrowed heavily from this sound. I’d be flabbergasted if In Solitude or Ghost were not fans of Heavy Load. Which is weird that bands like that get so much praise and admiration for having this throwback style while the bands they are aping go criminally underrated. Well, that’s what this fucking blog is about and nows your chance to hear some classic Swedish metal.