If there’s any band deserving of all the praise they get, it’s fucking Dissection. Their first two albums are some of the best metal music ever created and it’s not surprise their style has influenced countless bands since their demise. Some more obviously than others. Enter Thulcandra.

It might be a bit of an understatement to say that Thulcandra is influenced by Dissection because Thulcandra are pretty much trying to recreate Dissections sound in a loving tribute to the band. Now there’s no dearth of homage bands out there and usually, not always, but usually I just sort of dismiss them for the lack of originality but Thulcandra aren’t just trying to be Dissection. They are recreating what was so amazing about that band, and there was a lot. It’s hard to see how original and unique Dissection was so long after they ended and so many imitators have come, but they were, and vastly talented. Thulcandra took all that on and succeeded, admirably. I think Thulcandra adds a bit more black metal influence into their take and uses melody a bit differently which helps distinguish their sound a bit from Dissection’s.

I don’t know what else to say. If you like Dissection you’ll probably like Thulcandra. I don’t see how you couldn’t.