The world continues to spiral rapidly into a vortex of meaningless stupidity with the break lines cut. It’s a good thing that while we speedily circle the drain that metal is here for us. This week fucking crushed with awesome new releases. Give yourself some reprieve from the madness and jam something new this weekend.

NEW STUFF: (Links in titles)

Oranssi Pazuzu – Varahtelija
This band blew me out of the water with their 2013 release so it’s easy to say this one was a highly anticipated album for me. Their swirling, psychedelic take on black metal is captivating and unique and is in full force here. Another killer fucking album from this band and one that may just be on the year end list, already.

Naðra – Allir Vegir Til Glötunar
Oh Iceland, how your beautiful country produces some of the finest black metal around these days. Naðra had an enticing EP out in 2014 then quietly snuck out this, their first full-length and naturally it fucking kills. Not surprising considering the band consists of members from Carpe Noctem and the insanely killer Misþyrming, two of the more engaging black metal acts from the country. Dismal, melodic, blistering and against the grain like Icelandic metal bands tend to be, Naðra has a killer album on their hands.

Brutality – Sea of Ignorance
This band has been quiet for 20 years but they’re back with a new, crushing death metal tome. It’s fairly footed in the early 90’s Florida death metal sound (which is where they’re from, so duh) but it’s got a technical edge and some killer riffs. Suddenly out of nowhere, after the death metal barrage comes a cover of Bathory’s classic “Shores in Flames” given a death metal gloss. it seems a bit out of place but it’s a decent cover. Overall, solid album.

Walsung – Old Trees DEMO
A captivating little demo. Battle ready, viking inspired, epic themed black metal with some nice nods to Falkenbach, Bathory, and epic bands of this nature. Hard to go wrong with this at 11 minutes long. Plus, it’s free.

Primeval Mass – To Empyrean Thrones
This is my first pass at this Greek black metal outfit. This is the bands third full-length and first as a one-man black metal band. It’s furious, melodic, hellenic black metal done right with all the bells and whistles. Oddly enough, it reminds me of Dissection. Must be those riffs. Oh those riffs.

Borknagar – Winter Thrice
Borknagar is such a well oiled, precise machine at this point the name alone is enough to ensure a quality album. Not to say they are just on autopilot because their progressive, black metal is still fresh and interesting but you kind of know what you’re getting with them, and that is musical awesomeness. You’d be hard pressed to find a clunker in their discography but their past couple efforts have been tremendous. Also, did I mention Garm does guest vocals on this? Yeah. Fucking killer.

Widower – The Unholy Oath EP
A serious black/thrash attack from the state of Texas. Not much to say except if you like super black thrash metal this band has the riffs and the speed. The new EP is only 20 minutes but it’s packed to the brim with nastiness. Oh, and the cover art fucking rules.

Wildernessking – Mystical Future
This South African band seemed to just appear out of nowhere in 2012 with no demos or  EPs. Just a full-length, and it was awesome. It was well rounded, well played “cascadian” black metal. If this band was that good on their first release, what would a follow up hold? Well, here it is and it holds a lot of awesome. “Cascadian” was more a coveted term four years ago and I’m not sure it holds much weight anymore (moving to just “atmospheric black metal) but that hyper atmospheric style and beautiful, etherial soundscapes that the label is known for hold very true on this album, albeit with more progression and technicality thrown in. This is an awesome follow up from this band and one hell of a fucking album.


Razor – Violent Restitution
Sabbat – Dreamweaver
King Diamond – The Spider’s Lullabye
Borknagar – Urd
Cianide – The Dying Truth
Vintersorg – Naturbal
Mephistopheles – Landscape Symphonies

Until Next Time…