A recent band that I’m intensely into is Darkenhold, band that plays blistering, highly melodic black metal all about castles. It’s as awesome as it sounds. They have a couple split albums out and most of their contributions to said splits are cover songs. Mephistopheles is a band they covered so I figured I would look into them.

Right from the get go, you can hear the influence Mephistopheles has on Darkenhold. The insane melodic riffing. The orchestral structure of the music. It’s fucking awesome. Mephistopheles are playing an icy cold form of black metal, but they dabble a bit in death metal, particularly in the drumming. The atmosphere is nice and cold, venturing a bit into a gothic realm, particularly with the additional female vocals popping up occasionally. The instrumental song “Destiny Calls” is fucking phenomenal. The guitar playing on it is a thing of beauty.

This band fucking kills it. If you’re familiar with Darkenhold (and you fucking should be) then you’ll have an idea of what’s in store here. If not, get ready to hear awesome.