Let’s keep this thrash train rolling, shall we?

Yet another revered thrash band I’ve been meaning to delve into is England’s Sabbat. Once again, after the first song started I immediately regretted not checking this band out sooner.

Sabbat released this, their second album, near the tail end of the original thrash explosion and while most of the more popular (and less) bands were changing direction or calling it a day, this album is almost a testament (not the band) to the fury of thrash. It’s not a party album by any means. While the lyrical content, which is fantasy, mythological, and history driven, can probably considered cheesy, it doesn’t sound like it coming out of these guys. The songwriting is intricate, inventive, and thrash to the fucking core. This is the kind of thrash I really gravitate towards, where there’s almost a level of artistry present, or more than just typical thrash, though it does remain rooted in the genre.

Curse my lazy bones for sleeping on this band. Put the thrash in your face now.