I’ve been meaning to delve into Canada’s Razor for a while now but they always seemed to get passed up. In 2015, Relapse started re-releasing some of the Razor albums, restored and remastered so I figured that was a good reason to jump into the fray, and I have, now in 2016.

And of course, immediately after hearing that opening scream on “The Marshall Arts,” I regretted not checking this band out sooner.

Razor is a frenzied, raucous, blistering, speed/thrash metal band and if you have any doubts about that after the first 3 seconds, this is probably not for you. I love these under the radar thrash bands from the 80′s that are now finally getting some attention for their sounds. They’re so raw, ravenous, and barely on the rails. Razor is like an out of control freight train with no desire to ever be stopped.

This is my first time with Razor and I’m not sure which albums are the classics or more revered but if you like your thrash dirty and furious, this album will not disappoint. Thrash all your face off!