This review might be all over the place so I apologize in advance. I’ll try not to get sucked into the twisty, cavernous discussion this topic can bring up, so with that…

Christian music is a weird beast. There’s so much of it and the majority of it is terrible. It’s so contrite and forced and seems to not explore anything other than reverence for Jesus and always seems to sound 10 years dated no matter when it came out. Christian themes (should I say “pro” Christian themes) are rare to come by in extreme metal, outside of this same sort of ham-fisted approach mentioned above. There could be a ton of them out there but from what I’ve heard, I don’t want to hear them. Not to say there aren’t a couple I can get into. Trouble comes to mind but much like Trouble, Theocracy isn’t so much a “Christian metal” band as it is a power metal band with Christian themes.

The lyrics are extremely reverent of Jesus and you’ll notice it right away but to my ears, they aren’t shoving anything down your throat. I don’t ever feel preached to or like I’m trying to be converted. It’s just a bunch of dudes who love European styled power metal and Jesus. It’s hard to fault them when so many bands I like have taken the same approach but from the Satanic perspective. Speaking of their power metal, it’s full of blazing riffs, killer sing along parts and yes, it’s fairly European in style from the riffing to the vocals to the orchestration. Power metal is a genre that seems to revel in it’s stuck position in time so maybe Christian themes work well within this genre.

Despite its content, this album is a power metal ripper. Is it a classic? Probably not but it’s a fun listen and incorporates a lot of the aspects of power metal I love.