Welcome to 2016! Seeing as this is my first metal exploration post of the year I figured some power metal was in order. Lets delve in Dark Moor.

I tend to think of Dark Moor as two different bands. There’s the first three albums and then everything else is another band, to me at least. Originally the band played a very Helloween style of power metal. More straightforward with less emphasis on the Euro styled power metal, highly orchestrated symphony elements. They are there to be sure but like I said, more subdued. What really marked this early era of the band was the vocals of Elisa C. Martin. While most female vocalists in power metal at the time, and now, are using an operatic or classical singing style, Elisa went for a metal style. Her voice isn’t soaring or as trained as some singers but it lends to the rawness and stripped down, power metal approach of the bands earlier sound, and I love it. It is powerful, but also nasty. It’s not a vocal style heard much in this music.

Once she left in 2003 the band went with a traditional male singer and progressively got more indulgent and symphonic to the point where they were covering Swan Lake songs. I’m not a fan of the band after her departure but Shadowland (The Halls of Olden Dreams and The Gates of Oblivion) is some seriously killer power metal work.