I grabbed a good majority of this bands discography earlier this year when they released a new EP on Bandcamp. If you bought the EP for a paltry couple of bucks they threw in two remastered albums and their demo. I knew of the band but never really gave them a good listen but when I discovered they are a big influence on Darkenhold (who do a killer cover of “The Curse of Poenari”) I was even more interested.

Wallachia hail from Norway but don’t really have a lot in common with their fellow black metal countrymen. Maybe because this album came out in 1999 and black metal had already segmented but you wouldn’t necessarily place them as a Norwegian black metal band upon first listen. The mixture of black metal, progressive stylings, some thrash and a whole lot of doom gives the band a unique and interesting sound. It’s easy to hear where Darkenhold got inspired by this band. The use of keyboards and ethereal choir chants gives the album a gothic charm and makes it seem more classic. I’ve used the term “Hammer Horror Metal” in reference to describing black metal that reminds me of the old, gothic stylings of Hammer Horror films and Wallachia has that vibe, albeit their music is more nature and pagan oriented.

This album kicks fucking ass. That’s what it really comes down too, so put it in your fucking ears.