Man do I have a weakness for Polish metal. If it’s extreme and I see Poland anywhere near it I’ll give it a listen. Unless it’s that National Socialist crap that Poland seems to have an abundance of, but that’s not what this is about. This is about Lux Occulta, a Polish black metal band that seems to have transitioned gradually from typical black metal to more avant-garde, extreme black metal. This being their second album and the only one I’ve heard I’m not sure how that transition panned out for the band but this album is fucking killer. Again, not familiar with their other works, this one is supposed to be a transition from the rawer black metal style to the progressive style. This one is more straight forward black metal but there’s a definite melodic,folk, symphonic quality in the mix which makes the album super fucking catchy and interesting. Underneath it all there is definitely some progressive and technical aspects to the song writing so it’s not surprising to know where the band ends up, but before that they released this killer fucking black metal album.