The 80′s has so many hidden metal gems it’s mind-boggling. I suspect it was because metal was probably at it’s most fertile then with new genres popping up all the time and bands eager to explore all these sounds that were coming into the light. Take for example Iron Angel, a German power/thrash/speed band.

These guys are working with the popular and upcoming genres of the time and on this album their sound never really landed on one which might be why they sort of fell through the cracks. In Germany at this time we had the hyper thrash sounds of Kreator, Sodom, Destruction and their like. Iron Angel doesn’t quite get to that frenzy. We also had the emerging power metal style lead by bands like Helloween whose debut dropped the same year as Iron Angel’s. Iron Angel does quit reach that level or power either but while it is the middle ground of these popular German styles, I think that’s where it’s strength is and actually separates this album from the pack. It’s got the speed, it’s got it’s thrash-ier moments and it’s early power metal, almost heavy rock styles. Combine that with an 80′s heavy metal idea of Satanic imagery and you have one fucking killer album.