After posting my Evil Angel review yesterday my buddy introduced me to Bestial Mockery and stated “Evil Angel is sort of Bestial Mockery’s little brother.” Good enough description for me so let’s keep the black thrash train speeding on.

Yesterday I mentioned that a lot of black/thrash metal bands tend to favor one style more than the other. That is true for Bestial Mockery. I feel like they’re heavier on the black metal side than the thrash side of things but not by to much. As opposed to melding the two styles they seem to go with black metal style punctuated by killer, nasty, thrash. Their thrash songs are more thrash and their black metal songs are more black metal. However you slice it, this album fucking slays. There’s a dirty, sleazy quality to it as well pushes it a bit over the top lyrically but it’s so much damn fun when they go there.

For sure thrash, for sure black metal, this album is fucking awesome through and through and should probably exist in your ears sometime very soon.