I was chatting with my buddy and he asked if I’d listened to any Dark Fortress. I vaguely remembered listening to their 2014 album Venereal Dawn but it must not have stuck with me. He shared a link to their first album and after scrubbing through it, clearly I hadn’t remembered their 2014 release because this album was fucking killer, just based on my perusal of it on youtube. So now I’ve jumped into the whole album and I’m fucking glad I did.

This German band just kills melodic black metal on this release. The album is a nonstop, melodic, catchy as fuck, riff machine. If I didn’t know any better I might have thought this was a Swedish band. Parts of the music remind me of Dawn, Thy Primordial and clearly there’s a Dissection influence in there. What also struck me was there’s also a bit of an earlier Emperor vibe in there as well. Regardless, Dark Fortress seem to mix the influence into their own style and don’t really come off as a tribute or homage band, proven by the final song “Moments of Mournful Splendour (At the Portal to Infinity)” which takes all these melodic elements into an almost ballad like area.

Hyper infectious, this one needs to go in all the ears.