I’m gearing up to see Blind Guardian tonight and I’m in a power metal mood so I figured I might share with you another German power metal band, seeing as that country is lousy with killer fucking power metal bands.

We’re diving in to Running Wild, which at this point in their career seems like a monumental task as they’ve been a highly active band since the early 80′s. Here’s the thing with Running Wild, their first two albums are more traditional power/speed metal and overtly Satanic. Then on their third album they’re like “fuck all that, let’s just sing about pirates” and thus the path they would forever remain on was laid out.

Choosing one Running Wild album to focus is on is pretty daunting and while I don’t have ALL of their albums, I would say the mid 80′s to the end of the century, you really couldn’t go wrong and it’s just a matter of taste which one you like more. I chose this one because it never descends into pirate silliness, well aside from the lyrics and themes. I’m more talking about the music. They haven’t incorporated any pirate sounding instruments and there’s no “Yaaarrrs,” or chanting. It’s all pirate-y without any of the added pirate-ism that bands like Alestorm do so well. That and it just fucking kicks ass. Un-fuckable with speed/power metal riffing and solos, incredible vocals, catchy as all get out songs. Just try to not throw your fists up along with these songs.

More proof that the Germans have found the secret to crafting incredible power metal. Take this one for a spin, or any of their pre 2000′s albums and I guarantee you won’t be disappointed.