Going through my folder of music for this blog I couldn’t quite decide what album I wanted to review today, then while discussing our dislike of the Abbath song, my buddy Ben and metal guru dropped this on me as his “palette cleanser” for the new Abbath track. 80′s. German. Thrash. Only one album. Today’s album was chosen.

Violent Force, after years of releasing demos, released their one and only full-length album in 1987, well after the German thrash landscape had been laid. Bands like Kreator, Sodom, and Destruction had already dropped classic thrash albums establishing the force and fury that would be a defining feature of German thrash, which is one of the things I enjoy so much about it. German thrash (for the most part) just goes straight for the throat and those early Kreator and Sodom albums give you the feeling that they could just go off the rails at any moment. Furious, hate-filled, and frantic. Violent Force seems to be a bit of a mishmash of their fellow thrash countrymen as you can hear the violence and hatred of Kreator at spots, or the sheer brutality of Sodom at others but they seem to have a healthy love of later era NWOBHM when the bands were getting faster while still maintaining some melody.

Like most thrash, the band is only as good as the riffs and Violent Force fucking brings it. Just listen to the instrumental, shred-tastic “What About the Time After?” and try not to bang your head off your shoulders.

While my love of German thrash is probably mostly devoted to Kreator, this single album from Violent Force may be a close contender. Fucking killer.