It’s now November. Winter draws nearer. The dark and cold are coming. That means more doom and black metal in the regular listening habits. However, this past couple weeks I’ve been having a hard time finding the time to get my daily metal exploration posts up. I’m planning to correct that next week. Lucky for you, November has already called forth plenty of new metal releases that are worth your time. Let’s have it then!

NEW STUFF (Links in titles):

Lunar Mantra – Genesis
For those of us missing Lunar Aurora, Lunar Mantra is doing their best to fill the etherial, masterful black metal void. They aren’t quite there yet but this short album proves promising.

Grave Ritual – Morbid Throne
Some solid, old school style death metal. Not much to say really other than it’s good old school death metal.

Kroda – Навій Схрон
Another new Kroda release this year?! This one is more of a collaboration with Clin, the keyboardist of Reusmarkt, that provide six ambient songs. Kroda provides three traditional Kroda style songs at the end, including a Nokturnal Mortum cover. To be honest, I wasn’t into the six ambient songs but the traditional Kroda songs and the cover are excellent.

Gravsang – La Dine Taarer Livet Begrave
Beautiful, depressive black metal with one of the members of Skaur. Killer logo as well.

Bastard Grave – What Lies Beyond
More nasty, dirty, old school death metal from Sweden. Like a dirtier Entombed.

Death Alley – Black Magic Boogieland
Not quite metal, more some “boogie” classic rock sort of, psychedelic jam music with a flavoring of metal. Fun stuff.

Slaegt – Beautiful and Damned EP
This is a fun little EP from this band. My first encounter with them and it was an awesome one. Some beautiful black metal with an infusion of classic metal makes for an incredible combination.

Serpents Lair – Circumambulating the Stillborn
Evil, spiraling black metal from Denmark. Touches of death metal and some of the atmospherics that make Portal so damn scary. Pretty solid.

Hegemon – The Hierarch
Ooooohhhh this is some fucking killer French black metal. I wasn’t familiar with this band despite various members being in Diamond Eyed Princess. The two bands are quite different and I might now prefer Hegemon. You can’t go wrong either way. This one is incredible.

Chastain – We Bleed Metal
You can’t seem to go wrong with Chastain. They are still sticking to their down and dirty classic heavy metal approach and sometimes that’s exactly what you need. It’s not as grand as those earlier albums but Leather Leone’s voice is still killer and she brings it fully on this one.

Other Jams:

Jex Thoth – Blood Moon Rise
Ram – Svbversvm
Horrendous – Anareta
Invoker – Aeon
Grave Digger – Excalibur

Until Next Time…