Well, it’s November so we might as well get this month started with some doom.

Jex Thoth are yet another band whose I’ve heard of but haven’t actually heard before. Thankfully my buddy shared their 2013 album with me and now I can officially say I’ve heard them.

There are so many variations on the doom genre and some I like more than others. The psychedelic, stoner stuff is not really my bag of tea while I prefer the more epic Candlemass style or the crushing, cerebral style of Seidr or Skepticism. Jex Thoth falls somewhere in-between the cerebral and psychedelic style, more to the psychedelic side of things, but even that might not be an appropriate descriptor. It’s slow, jammy, fuzzy, and powerful with most of the power provided by the incredible vocals of lead singer Jex Thoth, which makes sense as she seems to be the only constant in the band. I’m a sucker for strong female vocalists and I think doom serves them well as this is no exception.

There seems to be a layer of sugar or pixie dust sprinkled on this album as it’s not so full of morose or depression but has an indescribable uplifting and beautiful presence. Whatever it is, this album is pretty awesome. Good mood music and perfect for the fall.