Fuck! October is almost over! Fall is rapidly coming to an end here in Colorado and any day the snow could start falling. I’m miss you Autumn. It’s always a pleasure when you come around and this year you brought with you some absolutely tremendous metal albums. Look, here’s some now…

NEW MUSIC (Links in Titles)

Nyx – Home
This is some interesting German black metal. The country is so all over the place with their black metal you never know what you’re going to get. Not as rough or regimented as some German black metal, more relying on darker melodies and extreme harsh vocals, these two woman clearly have a love of the early to mid Opeth sound. It’s not dominating and is used more as a garnish but it’s there. Highly engaging album.

Vastum – Hole Below
For some reason I passed on their last release but this new one seemed to be getting some good praise. It’s some solid, evil, dismal, doom infused death metal. I think a lot of the hype comes from vocalist and guitarist Leila Abdul-Rauf’s involvement with Hammers of Misfortune and Cardinal Wyrm, both bands I enjoy more than this new Vastum, but it’s still a decent listen.

Draconian – Sovran
Some gothed up, euro doom. Pretty by the book and reminiscent of current My Dying Bride but with beautiful female vocals. There’s some more upbeat parts but for the most part it’s somber and heavy. Nothing amazing but a catchy listen as I’m a little bit of a sucker for this cheesy sort of thing.

Blaze of Sorrow – Eremita Del Fuoco
I love their last album Echi so when this one dropped out of the blue this week I immediately gave it a listen. Beautiful atmospheric black metal with some “post-ish” elements with maybe a little folk to it. It’s got all the best trappings of the atmospheric genre played up to great affect.

Hooded Menace – Darkness Drips Forth
It’s Hooded Menace, come on, it’s awesome. Four songs, 43 minutes of doom. This one is more methodical than previous efforts, with a bit more melody in place and a couple really crushing sections. Fantastic album from these guys.

Hatchet – Fear Beyond Lunacy
I really enjoyed their previous one and all of it’s thrash-ness. This one… not so much. There’s a couple stand out tracks but there’s nothing really interesting or captivating. Just thrash by the numbers, while some bands can pull of successfully, some bands just sound boring.

Ram – Svbversvm
Nostalgia seems to be a popular trend in metal nowadays. Take Ram, a throwback to the early 80’s time in metal. This is s no nonsense, straight up, heavy metal album, with one foot in traditional 80’s heavy metal, and the other in early speed metal/power metal but filtered through a modern production. It’s fucking kick ass, that’s the best way I can describe it.

Ambush – Desecrator
Surprised to see a new one from these guys so quickly. The cover art looked so similar to their last I almost thought it was. Anyways… more solid, throwback 80’s heavy metal. Maybe a bit more on the speed metal side but full of all the fun cliches and sounds from the 80’s. Good fun.

Under The Church – Rabid Armageddon
This caught my attention when I found out that some of the guys from the incredible Nirvana 2002 were in this band. Is it as good? No, but it’s some solid classic, Swedish style death metal.

Lost Soul – Atlantis: The New Beginning

I’m not much in to technical death metal. Far to much endless wankering and noodling, but there are some bands who don’t have to show off their technical prowess. Lost Soul is one of those bands. Also, did I mention my weakness for Polish death metal? This album is crushing. There are more than enough contemporary break down, guitar chugs for my taste but the rest of it is well done and engaging.

Invoker – Aeon
Ooooohhh this is a good one. Unrelentingly crushing blackened German death metal. Highly melodic at points, incredible and infectious riffs. Damn good.

Avatarium – The Girl With the Raven Mask
What happens when you mix up members of Candlemass, Tiamat, and Royal Hunt with an incredible female vocalist? Well, you get some over the top doom metal. I actually have their first album sitting in my “to listen to” folder but figured I might as well jump on with this new one. It’s very Candlemass in approach, maybe with a more gothic, later day Peaceville Three sound thrown in there. The good songs hit like a hammer while other songs just sort of float on the surface but overall, it’s a good listen and perfect for the last of the two days left of October.

Other Jams:

Hades – …Again Shall Be
King Diamond – Abigail
Cyclone Temple – I Hate Therefore I Am
King Diamond – Them

Until Next Time…