I’m kind of surprised Usurper hasn’t crossed my path before. They were bringing the blackened metal in the states back in the early to mid 90′s when not that many bands in America were. Not to mention they have members that would go on to be in Kommandant and for what it’s worth, Nachtmystium.

As far as the music goes, it’s clear this band has a great appreciation of early era Celtic Frost. The vocals are like a harsher version of Tom Warrior, right down to the odd grunts. As far as the music goes, it dabbles in black metal and death metal but overall has more doom elements to me my ear, but yeah, heavy on the Celtic Frost worship. They manage make it their own and not completely rip off Frost but it’s undeniably there. There are some decent and damn good Bathory, Dissection, Entombed, etc. homage bands and Usurper would be a good Frost homage band. This is their first album so I’m not sure how the sound progressed, if at all, over the years but this one is solid good fun.